I am constantly uncovering similarities between my work in the garden to my work in the studio- both inspiring and influencing the other. Through screen printing I am cultivating a world that is new but familiar. These scenes welcome in the viewer, give them the space to meander, to notice, to rest, and to fill in and reflect on the narrative through their own lens. Through pottery, on the other hand, I am building vessels that hold my garden. However it’s in the process of throwing on the wheel that I find the strongest connection to gardening. It is in those quiet and mindful moments that I find my own mind meandering, noticing, resting, and reflecting.

Ashley Loper lives and works in Burlington, VT, USA. She works full-time as a designer helping to establish and grow the infrastructure and support that breastfeeding parents need. She holds simplification as her core design principle as she believes it is a sustainable compliment to nature and the environment.

︎ @ash_loper